Intimate Marriages

Romantic partnerships were made out of a shift in society’s requirement that a good marriage would be built on the foundation of like rather than monetary interests. This is a resolved change from previous practice

Why Do Persons Take CBD?

Why carry out people take CBD There are many reasons why you might like to try a item that contains CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT. It can help decrease swelling, increase sleep and relieve pain for some

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                   ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ                                           Σμίνθη, 20/10/2022                 ΔΗΜΟΣ  ΜΥΚΗΣ                                           Αριθ. Πρωτ.: 6932 ΤΜΗΜΑ ΔΙΟΙΚΗΤΙΚΩΝ ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΩΝ                                                                            Π  Ρ  Ο  Σ  Κ  Λ  Η  Σ  Η  (2η) Π Ρ Ο

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ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ        ΝΟΜΟΣ ΞΑΝΘΗΣ                                                                                                 Σμίνθη 17/10/2022         ΔΗΜΟΣ ΜΥΚΗΣ                                                                                                   Αριθ. Πρωτ.: 6872 Γραφείο Οικονομικής Επιτροπής Πληροφορίες: Καναργιέλης Ιωάννης Ταχ. Δ/νση: Σμίνθη Τ.Κ.: 67100 Τηλ.: 2541352321 ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ (40η) προς τα μέλη τηςΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗΣ ΕΠΙΤΡΟΠΗΣ